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tv   Headline News  RT  April 20, 2013 2:00am-2:29am EDT

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and i welcome you watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow with me andrew farmer now there have been cheers and applause at the end of a fierce shootout which saw a man who kept boston on edge for days caught and taken into custody a nineteen year old suspect in monday's deadly marathon bombings was seriously injured in the standoff with police and is now in a critical condition more for martys and this is it he was at the sea. after what has been a week that seems to have lasted an eternity f.b.i. officials as well as local law enforcement were finally able to arrest and take into custody nineteen year old just outside nine of the second suspect in the boston bombings case of course on monday afternoon two bombs went off seconds apart from each other at the finishing line of the boston marathon and this entire week there has been a manhunt after the two brothers that were seen as suspects in this case now
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this friday night officials were able to find the younger brother who was in hiding in a dry docked boat in the town of watertown just minutes away from boston a local had informed officials that he had seen a man covered in blood and they were able to through a helicopter that had that had heat signature technology to be able to track down the young man even though he was covered up in the boat standoff between him and the police lasted for several hours and eventually they were able to arrest him and take into custody we do know that he is in serious medical condition and has been taken to a hospital in boston now to talk a little bit more about the identities of the two brothers of course we're talking about twenty six year old and a nineteen year old who have lived in the united states since two thousand and three the older brother twenty six year old to milan died last night in a shootout with police he had a green card the younger brother was a nationalized citizen they have been living in the united states for the last ten
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years and their colleagues and friends and former schoolmates acted shocked when they found out that these two brothers were behind the boston tragedy we do know that the f.b.i. in two thousand and eleven upon request of a foreign government had taken the twenty six year old brother in for questioning trying to establish whether or not he had any leads to extremist groups archie spoke exclusively with the mother of the two suspects and this is what she had to say. he would. be i would like to fly by. the my. what after what. he was going how could this happen how could be they were conjoined we. asked her every word this is not my answer in the united states president of course
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barack obama has addressed the nation really thinking cooperation and questioning really the fact that somebody who was brought up in the united states of course the brothers have been here for the last ten years was able to commit such a horrific act and the latest for now is that the younger brother that is now in custody is going to be treated for any kind of injuries that he had there are reports that he had blood on him and officials have confirmed that he was in fact seriously injured so he will be treated now and then the legal part of this case will certainly move forward and. boston massachusetts well after numerous reports the boston bombers might be of chechen origin moscow as dividing terrorism into domestic and foreign is unacceptable. the u.s. has been has closed to terrorism in russia's north caucuses while the western media has frequently labeled chechen militants as freedom fighters but it. explains that
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perception could change. when news broke of an unexpected north caucasus traced to the boston bombings literally every global media outlet was quick to put the word into their headlines told by a source that they fled the russian caucus to chechnya he is an ethnic chechen brothers are said to be ethnic chechens lived in kurdistan and dagestan before coming to the u.s. the two suspects were branded as coming from a russian region close to chechnya indeed many may need reminding of the name and location of republic of the stand where the two supposedly came from but the word certainly rings bells probably because of the media headlines in the one thousand nine hundred and at the beginning of the new millennium that's when russia had a military operation in the north caucasus. russian troops deployed in the republic and finally be drawn into rebels fighting for independence off go have been dramatically reduced and of course the churchill fight for independence had no
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become the ultimate judgment that conflict often went beyond the borders of the chechen republic let's remember apartment buildings bombed in moscow a theater siege in the russian capital and a school takeover in russia's north thousands of civilians were killed but the man who had blood on their hands were often described as freedom fighters and rebels by the western media at times it even sounded like a romantic image the reality is that in the north caucasus russia has been fighting the same war which america embarked upon after the twin towers were brought down against global terrorism mosco never made a secret that those fighting on the side of the chechen militants were closely tied to al qaeda and were financed from abroad by terrorist organizations worldwide but it's only after nine eleven the transport bombings in madrid and london that understanding the notion that terrorism has no nationality has started to appear in the global media from freedom fighters to armed dangerous terrorists most wanted man in america years have passed media labels have changed the question is whether it change in attitude towards a common enemy will follow in due course. but it looks like that change is
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a step closer as both russia and the u.s. have agreed to boost their anti terrorism ethic despite a recent cooling in relations security expert john good it says that washington should first of all abandon its policy of sheltering chechen separatists driven by cold war era stereotypes since the collapse of the soviet union in december one thousand nine hundred one the united states has continued to deal with russian issues based on its old cold war paradigm and to a large degree of us regionally came out in support of the chechen cause for independence it was then the enemy of my enemy is my friend paradigm and the russians continue to be perceived as is a hand inherently bad inherently evil if you were going about it in the soviet era and the american perspective was that any group of people trying to rescue their
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independence from russia therefore must be good and this is all a significant measure of u.s. government or even to the extent of providing political asylum to one of the chechen leaders who was at the time under indictment for terrorism in russia they suspected terrorists came to the u.s. about a decade ago and were both granted asylum r.t. sarah firth has more on why the united states and some of its key allies such as britain become safe havens for such controversial refuge seek. many high profile cases hit it been an immigration. headache for the u.k. to see if we have a case with the political leader he fled to the k. in two thousand and. nine he's wanted by russia all that's in terrorism for. kidnapping the murder and he's being continually refused expedition by the u.k. another fifteen one high profile case another dimension is that of abby kid's
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father who was once described as a solid bin laden's right hand man in europe now he's pete prison a huge immigration and asylum nightmare for the really and i think cases such as these that have been on going where you have people coming in on the side and seeking asylum and being granted asylum but with very questionable backgrounds and then of course who actually they're able to play the system a very successfully is going to raise a lot of questions and so i think as i said this debate is going to be once again sparked by the recent events national security is something washington has been pouring billions of dollars into since the notorious nine eleven attacks but as our teams marina portnoy reports in the wake of the boston bombings the effectiveness of this massive spending is now being questioned. in a post nine eleven america washington has taken wide reaching measures and defense friend spending has hit unprecedented levels because officials say that's what was
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needed to keep america safe the department of homeland security was created along with many other law enforcement agencies the patriot act was passed sent up a very complex and far reaching surveillance system which includes c.c.t.v. cameras in major cities facial recognition iris scanning cyber surveillance and officials say this was all to keep americans safe as was the passage of the national defense authorization act in addition to all the measures that have been taken domestically over the past twelve years america has waged two wars overseas that have cost the country more than two trillion dollars but after the events that unfolded about boston marathon bombings many critics believe that washington has spent a large amount of money and wasted a lot of resources and at the end of the day it has not kept americans any safer.
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this illusion that technology is going to save us that filling our skies with drones and covering our buildings with surveillance cameras and treating every airport airline passenger as a potential terrorist is going to save us is is an incredible delusion i mean the causes that dead are possible here range from incredible inequality in our society the promotion of violence in our society the idea that we're going to continue on the course we're on in these terms and then save ourselves through technology is an incredibly misguided delusion it is just not going to happen earlier this week u.s. secretary of state john kerry insisted that that america's investment in foreign policy is national security insurance. by making the right small investments up front carry insisted that costly conflicts can be avoided in the future but as this
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past week has shown the cost of pressure cookers does not amount to a lot of money and washington's investment was enough to prevent a deadly terrorist attack in boston that clean the lives of three people and hospitalized more than one hundred seventy reporting from new york. r.t. . the first elections after nearly a decade of u.s. occupation begin in iraq on saturday but with a slew of candidates assassinated more than one hundred barred from ballots and a wave of violence terrorizing voters it may not be the new beginning many hoped for tens of thousands of troops to baghdad into a virtual fortress with authorities anticipating major disruption but even so only two thirds of iraq's regions will be voting in the provincial election with the rest even teuton by violence all beyond the government's control artes you see
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coven of now reports from one such area that was also a former bastion of al qaida. this is rather a dangerous area for me that's why i'm dressed like this i'm trying to not attract as much attention foreign journalists have been banned from covering these protests from entering the anbar province altogether and al qaeda elements are still here in fact among the crowd you'll see from black flags later on when we go into to the crowd which have been associated with al qaeda groups the protesters have been demanding more equality they feel like they've been discriminated by the shiite led government of nouri al maliki they want a change in power in politics they want more rights they want more quality they also want a different political system now the amber province course has been the heart of the insurgency and the war now it's the heart of the anti-government protest perhaps a fault line of sorts that threatens to divide iraq let's go and talk to some of
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the people. who don't believe in this election we don't believe in it because it's sick tarion sectarian. the government this is just which is why we are promising here we are demanding change to the constitution and this government. these people will not be turning out to vote for saturday's provincial elections that's the first election since americans have left from the country in december of one to eleven the government has postponed elections and several sunni provinces the anbar province where we're located right now as well as the province the government says this is because of security and indeed attacks have been escalating over the past weeks and months but most of the iraqis that you speak to here say that this is not the case it's politically motivated of course the recent weeks have proven just that a bloody backdrop to the elections numerous attacks all across the country have
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killed scores of civilians there's been political assassinations of candidates running for office blue. little gatherings have been targeted on thursday a car bomb took place in baghdad in the largely sunni area in a cafe internet shop where a lot of young people tended to go out it's a situation that's reflective of the state of iraq today a country that has been torn apart by war but doesn't seem to be any closer to healing the wounds in the divisions that have been on the least during that occupation. guantanamo authorities acknowledge the number of hunger strike is is increasing however they failed to improve the situation in any way and the state department thinks the official line president obama committed to closing guantanamo bay this story coming up in a couple of minutes also countries supporting the opposition in syria gather for talks and and to get rid of president assad amid mounting pressure from rebel groups to come up with military help that's coming up after
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a quick break. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture .
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the book about international airport in the very heart of moscow. again tensions are high in bahrain. ahead of sunday's formula one grand prix but not an anticipation of a dramatic race tens of thousands of private phone protesters across the country are furious at the government hosting a major sports event despite the kingdom's poor human rights record demonstrators burned tires to brought main roads and hold for bombs riot police responded with tear gas protesters also demanded the f one management should cancel the bahrain
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stage the ground praying that this little hype this will happen as the organizers during unrest doesn't pose a threat to the event security a human rights activist you hand has a rooney explains the opposition is almost powerless to influence the situation in the kingdom. being human rights activists unfortunately we don't have that much power to improve the situation what we can do is just to document the cases deliver to human rights organizations and spread the awareness of being peaceful in the process actually during the urgency security emergency law before two years very jean was arresting every person who was trying to talk and expose the region violations by sunni report came up with with this saying that the government should rehab elate torture victims they did not take a step and this so we as bravo to the habitation organization tried to rehab
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relate the torture victims unfortunately the government is keeping pressure on us not to continue our job. monarchy fueling flames of the arrest and activists to hold position gridlocked no organization who is involved with the right to be seen to be credible. when the bill roger is a. formula for controversy burning rubber on the streets of bahrain. hardship weekend on art. rubble for. says in syria say they hope western and arab countries meeting on saturday will grant them the arms they need to get rid of president assad u.s. secretary of defense chuck hagel has already announced he'll put american boots on the ground in neighboring jordan as a first step to preventing chemical weapons from getting into the wrong hands it's also recently in france and the u.k. have presented evidence to the u.n. of the use of nerve gas in syria that's now being looked at by u.s.
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intelligence agencies but a u.n. investigation into the claim had stalled with damascus and the international body wrangling over which areas investigators should be able to visit reef and ocean a report from istanbul where the friends of syria meeting is said to take place. the meeting in turkey comes when the situation around syria is heating up dramatically and the country's willing to go are losing patience and while the gender is unclear the raw indicators that a military solution could be discussed at istanbul just ahead of the seventeen nation group conference britain and france informed the un but they have credible evidence that syria used chemical weapons at least once while the u.n. investigation over the issue is stalled two major european powers have stated that soil samples witness interviews and opposition sources prove nerve agents were used in and around the cities of aleppo homes and damascus it hasn't been specified which side did it but president obama had earlier made it clear no matter who is
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going to utilize chemical weapons once it happens it will be a red line and while u.s. officials have stressed the deterrent effect of such remarks many have taken it as a clear signal of possible military intervention the mission in turkey also comes just days after america's defense secretary said around two hundred u.s. troops will be a sense of jordan's border with syria to both of jordan's training and defense capabilities as one jordanian minister later commented they have also been confirmed reports that the u.s. agreed to deploy to praise red missile batteries at the border here. in sudan in authorities and syrian opposition requests in another significant twist the judge put a looser front to the most of the back to force fighting to topple assad recently confirmed it had links to al qaida something america claimed months before blacklist in the group as a terrorist organization but even after these revelations they had of the syrian national coalition them rela united political and military opposition groups and recognized by the majority of the friends of syria group referred to as brothers
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russia has warned the meeting in istanbul could have a negative effect in promoting dollars between the sides of the conflict and in its hopes common sense will prevail rif national team from middle east. the winds of change missed the world's most oil rich nation this time around venezuela where as in the majority continue hugo chavez's socialist agenda but basically for the election lays bare stand divisions in society a report from caracas just ahead. one ton of my pay authorities now acknowledge sixty three prisoners are on hunger strike the official number is steadily growing but is still lower than the estimate by detainees lawyers who say most of the hundred sixty six held at the facility are taking part . in a representative of the u.s. state department's bureau of democracy for an official take on the situation at the
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u.s. detention center. this is the state department only it's concerned about one total it is the fish so eighty six one hundred prisoners here with these given their choice would you agree that age thing like it but it shouldn't be on the show. i would say on this we hold ourselves to the same standards by which we assess others on the issue of on time the president has made clear his commitment to closing guantanamo but this has to be done in accordance with u.s. law in consultation with the congress so i'd have to refer you back to your siemens for the white house and the spokesman on that to give you some background the hunger strike began in protest over searches in cells and the conversation of the prisoners personal belongings including korans at least fifteen detainees are now being force fed by tubes in their nose will it r.t. dot com we've got the detailed timeline of the seventy four days of the guantanamo
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hunger strike including reports by the prisoners lawyers official statements and analysis do go to our web site to see that. nicolas maduro now heads the world's most oil rich nation venezuela after an official swearing in ceremony but the victory of hugo chavez a successor came with a slim margin so slim in fact that the country's top electoral body has embarked on a partial audit of the votes cast artie's tessa siller is in caracas. you know that the order of the field position has been asking for it was agreed upon by the electoral council they say that they will conduct an audit on the forty six percent of the votes which have not been audited yet be opposition was asking for a full vote recount but the supreme court had already said that this just wasn't possible aside from the in one thousand nine hundred constitution and also everything the whole system is automated so what we're going to have is an audit now my thought was still inaugurated so he is the new president of venezuela the
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first one after fourteen years of legal charges but let's not forget that he won this on a very small margin while the far works were going all supporting we heard some of those up pots and pans banging in the background those are supporters of the protests and also there was a bit of a confusion that happened during the inaugural speech there was a guy a young guy who went on stage and tried to push off stage and tried to speak into the microphone we were watching the transmission it was momentarily caused to all you was caught and then everything wishing to norval so that was there was a bit of a drama there in his inaugural speech but the end of the day he's the new president of venezuela we're still going to have to wait for the results of the audit and what the next move of the opposition will be the country is really split i mean after the initial announcement of the vote to these polls we saw that it had gone violent emotions were running high and the government said that the people had died and hundreds of were arrested and then it took a turn a different turn a different kind of protest every night at eight pm you would see fireworks in the sky and you would hear pots and pans so versus coffee this and this shows
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a very divided nation now already people watching the stability the future the future stability of venezuela our sort of doll fool seeing that how divided the nation is we saw that us and be had downgraded the country from a stable to a negative outlook this just shows you that investors are probably jittery and also you know this country sitting on one of the world's largest oil reserves people we're watching how this will move forward but of course most importantly for people here is becoming united and moving forward because they have a lot. problems that the president has to solve a very it's a way this much water in his the inaugural speech has acknowledged that crime security is the number one problem that you have food shortages medicine shortages uniting a divided population the military the government it's a long list and so he's starting off with a weak mandate a divided nation and he has a lot to prove again he's the first president out there which obviously has very big shoes to fill. it's coming up to help us ten here in moscow next that is. saying.
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oh no no who lazy bureaucratic and trivial censorship strikes again but this time in russia a bill has been signed into law that will put fines on individuals and legal entities for using vulgar in the media one major flaw of many with this is that they really don't know which words are going to be considered vulgar i guess these words are so awful that they cannot even write them down i'm not naïve there has always been and will always be censorship but this where word list is just silly there is a common expression on the russian internet that russian mainstream media could accept more and i was a sion of society russian t.v. does have all the bloody violent action movies as well as scandalous talk shows
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which are kind of more like freak shows and plenty of reality t.v. where young people pretty much act like subhuman animals in a cage they've got all that so the government is basically saying that if some guy on t.v. because there are twenty people blooded limbs flying that that is totally ok for television unless they could forbid sweer while doing it you can show brainless materialistic dimwits sleeping and fighting with everything that moves on a reality show but if they say that one magic three letter russian word then it is over the line this is not a logical. conduct censorship but that's just my opinion. about
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international and world in the very heart of moscow. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i got so many i mean i have my hands down as i've seen really messed up. for so personally apologized to the. worst for the. flight out sort of a. radio guy for holiday ok minestrone office watch watch quote for a budget deal just never seen anything like this i'm cold.


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